Jared Danzer

The MTV TV show that we watched monday was a show called “White People.” The idea behind this show was to show either the difficulties white students believe they face or to show how white people feel when not being handed things. The show really shows that life is tough. It doesn’t matter your race, but if you don’t follow the bureaucratic map to success you won’t be able to achieve it- AKA best Grades and many extra curricular activities. Many students in High School feel they personally deserve scholarships or any means to pay less for school. They do deserve it, or at least a cheaper option, but for now no one is going to hand you anything just because of your race and anyone who thinks they will because of affirmative action is wrong.

itshisfault-from-talk-onevietnam-orgAffirmative action only makes things more even. For centuries people were excluded from top positions and schools based on their race, and that’s just plain wrong. So in order to make those terrible actions a little more right, we must give back. If anything just think it only evens the playing field.

In this class we covered a lot of topics. I feel the show White People relates closely to how the native americans were treated. The native americans were a people who the white europeans stole from and colonized on. In The Canary Effect we saw how “white people” colonized on the native americans land and then just took advantage of them and began attempting to commit genocide against the indigenous peoples. I feel these relate because many of the white people in the show White People only saw the issue of race between white and black people. Many times excluding south americans and native Americans alike. The show focusses on issues white youth face, such as, reverse racism and feeling you won’t receive a scholarship because you are not a minority. Both of which are very low chances of happening, mainly because reverse racism is not true because there is no one in this country right now who makes life harder for white people because they (of another race) are in power. People are prejudice towards white people because they are white and think they have things handed down to them, but that is nothing compared to the way white people used to create harsh laws hurting minorities such as Native Americans and Black people to truly oppress their freedoms.

My Syrian refugee research list:

Google: Syrian Migration


->AP article

->Lead to another AP article found on the side pannel


->NPR article

->CNN article

->Slate Article

->Fox Short Clip

->Last week tonight With John Oliver (funny he also showed this in                                                                                                     class)

This was the way i researched this, this how i usually do research on news. The reason i go to so many sources and read as many articles as possible is because most articles are being biased in one direction or another, whether it’s painting the picture as help these helpless people, or keep them out or rather just the facts, i get a full picture of the situation and how people feel about it. This full analysis allows me determine for myself what’s true and right, creating my own unique opinion on the matter. I feel That the Documentary Waiting at the Door did help add to that perspective. I feel this way because I was unaware of the various types of aid ideas going around, and like many didn’t think about the end goal of the syrian people returning to their homes.





4 thoughts on “Jared Danzer

  1. So true, so fair. Affirmitive Action is necessary, but can be an illusion as unfair. Like the cartoon shows, it is not the minority’s fault that a white student who is deserving of a scholarship doesn’t get one. It is the bureaucratic corruption of colleges and universities that allow other white students to receive scholarships that may not deserve it.


  2. jackieka

    It was interesting how they fact-checked and were able to share that it’s not racial discrimination regarding the scholarships, for example. I think it’s challenging to rid people of the idea that everything is based off of race. We somehow got it in our minds that a lot of what goes on is defined by race. While it may be true in some cases, most of the time we are “colorblind” to it.


  3. anthonybolson

    I agree with the comment above. I myself was not aware about the “facts” that they were saying about the scholarships. However, I do think it is misleading about the percentages. I find it hard to believe statistics where it is difficult to collect that type of data. There are more white students then Native American students which would obviously state that there would be more scholarships. But, that is only based on population of students. I still think there could have been a little more research done and more facts to collect in order to not be biased.


  4. evanhurlburt

    Although I don’t agree that people have to follow strict rules to find success, I do agree with most of which you said. I really like how you talked about affirmative action and stressed it’s necessity. Affirmative Action only evens up the odds, it doesn’t sway them for minorities. Lots of white people simply can’t accept that someone of a different color skin, could be smarter than them.


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